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Ballintean started life as a small farm but over the last 25 years, Peter Cairns and Amanda Flanagan have re-shaped this wild corner of the Highlands into a quiet, nature-focused getaway. Both properties sit within a 120-acre ‘rewilding’ reserve, part of the Northwoods Rewilding Network, where apart from a small herd of Highland cattle providing natural grazing, nature is left to do its own thing. The result is a rich tapestry of habitats from regenerating native woodland to open meadow. Ospreys nest next to the river, buzzards mew overhead and pine martens forage at either end of the day. A keen eye might also spot a golden eagle soaring over the distant ridge.

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Immediately beyond Ballintean there are extensive forests, hidden lochs and endless hills all waiting to be explored. This landscape is part of the groundbreaking Cairngorms Connect project, a 200-year initiative to restore wild landscapes on a scale unparalleled in the UK.

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We are extremely fortunate to be able to watch Ballintean’s moods change throughout the year and the ability to share it with other people, as well as other species, is a real privilege. It is true that our names are on the title deeds but we very much regard ourselves as mere custodians, and our aim is for Ballintean to remain a natural haven, to be enjoyed by many, long into the future.

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On a more pragmatic level, the money you spend staying at Ballintean contributes directly to the local economy keeping people in work, and demonstrating the economic case for wild nature as a viable land use in the Scottish Highlands.

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